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Dr. Matthew Lee is everything a client seeks in a consultant: knowledgeable, trustworthy, and personable. I have worked with Dr. Lee for nearly a decade on a variety of institutional effectiveness projects including strategic planning, the development of organizational assessment processes, and resolving accreditation findings. His ability to unravel complicated issues and make meaningful recommendations is exemplary. In every situation, he was able to see the next steps and guide us towards success. I truly appreciate Dr. Lee’s approach; he empowers clients to strengthen their organizations and to sustain progress after his departure.
california community colleges consultant
Dr. Cheryl A. Marshall
North Orange County Community College District
Matthew was exceptionally well-organized, well-prepared, insightful, and supportive. The combination and quality made it possible to accomplish all that we needed with great speed and as little stress as possible. I would be most grateful in any case, but especially as it supported our accreditation-related work, I have even more appreciation.
Dr. Stephen Johnson
Vice President of Student Services (Retired)
Cerritos College
Matthew is remarkably bright and focused, and brings extensive knowledge of people, operations, and systems to everything he tackles. An astute listener, he quickly engages the right people in troubleshooting the root of the problem at hand, and finds feasible, lasting solutions. Matthew is also adept at serving in a range of consulting roles, from working independently to serving as a valuable guest member of the executive team.
Dr. Heather Brown
Associate Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning and Analytics

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Matthew is a unique individual who can painstakingly sort through all manner of things “we have always done that way”; patiently listen to all the stakeholders; creatively formulate a plan for streamlining the problem; and then, somehow, convince everyone that all he has done is write up all their own good ideas.
Dr. James Kossler
President (Retired)
Pasadena City College
I appreciate Matthew’s keen ability to analyze and troubleshoot problems and to bring disparate groups together to implement solutions. He brings a complete package to each process: He understands educational systems, he is aware of how systems are interconnected, and he has the facilitative skills to get the systems to work together to solve problems. Matthew also is a person of utmost integrity, trusted by the people who work with him. He has the ability to work well with all levels of staff from classified to administration, and is very skilled at “nagging” participants of a project to complete tasks in a timely manner.
Ernestine L. Moore
Vice President, Student and Learning Services (Retired)
Pasadena City College
As a consultant, Matthew Lee spent his time working on solutions and left us with tools that we are using today. He was fastidious about the data, researched all the college plans, paid attention to the culture, identified the decision-makers, never wasted people's time, understood collegial consultation, and made recommendations that were on the mark. It was amazing how an outsider could put a finger on the pulse of the campus in a very short time. Dr. Lee is a man of the highest integrity, and one I would recommend without reservation.
Dr. Nancy Byrnes
Vice President, Educational Support and Planning (Retired)
Cypress College
Dr. Matthew Lee’s extensive experience in many areas of higher education gives him the knowledge and perspective to develop effective strategies that address a wide range of issues, from management and accountability to planning and information systems. He is a professional dedicated to achieving excellent results by working collaboratively and patiently with diverse communities.
Dina M. Chase
Director of Outreach, Degree, and Transfer Services (Retired)
Pasadena City College

The best thing about working with Matthew is he’s relentless in achieving the goals that you've set!

Roy Shafer (1951-2005)
Organizational Coach
The Roy L. Shafer Company