california community college consultant Like every other California Community College and College District, yours faces daily challenges related to student learning needs, accountability, resource demands, esprit de corps, planning requirements, and a hundred other issues. You’re putting out fires all the time, and your institutional To-Do List never seems to get any shorter.

My extensive experience in a wide variety of community college operations, systems, and cultures will help you develop strategic solutions to your specific challenges. I will serve as a politically unencumbered committee of one, focusing my knowledge, energy, and time on listening, assessment, analysis, evaluation, and recommendations when you and your staff simply cannot find the time. Then, if you wish, I can guide and facilitate implementation of those recommendations through your existing participatory governance processes, administrative structures, or both, depending on your campus culture and the nature of the issues at hand.

Because I work with only a small number of clients at any one time, I can offer you:

  • Extensive Hands-on Experience — Nearly four decades in the Community Colleges.
  • Personal Attention — There are no middlemen.
  • Research that Digs Deep — A process that reveals all sides of the problem.
  • Tailored Solutions — Each campus is unique, and so are the solutions.
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