california community college consultantprocess

Projects vary, but the systematic process I follow to reach solutions includes certain common elements:

Gain an understanding of your college’s history and culture, and the current context of your project.

Learn all I can about the issues at hand within a short time, by reading critically all your documentation, developing and asking a structured set of probing questions, and listening attentively to the answers I receive from stakeholders.

Analyze the issues thoroughly in the context of your institution’s short-term and long-term needs, and evaluate alternative solutions.

Recommend specific actions, structures, and/or processes that fit your institution and will resolve the issues.

Guide timely implementation of the recommendations if needed. That may include, for example, organizing and facilitating the work of participatory governance committees or other groups, or working through your existing administrative structures, or both.

Report clearly and thoroughly on issues, findings, recommendations, and results.

Suggest additional or future actions, if they are warranted.